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Alfalfa * Artichoke * AsparagusBeets * Broccoli * Carrots * Celery * Cranberries * Cucumbers * Green Apples * Kale * Romaine LettucePineapple * Spinach

To Learn More about the Basics of Juicing Please Visit:

Juicing 101- This blog is awesome. A woman that was diagnosed with cancer at 19, talks about how turning her life around by eating healthy and juicing cures her. Lots of great tips and tidbits, not to mention a whole lot of inspiration.

The Gerson Therapy-  Dr Gerson thought that you could prevent or cure cancer and other debilitating diseases with food. But of course the powers that be tried to cover it up. Dr Gerson eventually died of being poisoned with arsenic.

Sick Fat and Nearly Dead- This documentary chronicles a man's journey from sickness to fitness. He takes a tour around the United States toting the benefits of juicing. Follow his story as he gets better and loses weight.

Juicing For Your Health Facebook Group- Do you need ideas and support?

Dr Mercola on Juicing

Juicing Recipes


Smoothie Recipe

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