Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tart Cherry Juice for Pain

As a chronic pain sufferer, I am always looking for natural ways to relieve pain. I get bad side affects from most pain killers or muscle relaxers, so I tend to prefer natural remedies. Today I learned about Tart Cherry Juice as a pain reliever and anti inflammatory.

Here is a collection of facts and articles I found about tart cherries.

Why not just eat cherries?

Tart cherries are loaded with many important nutrients, but you would have to eat an entire sack of them to obtain all of the nutrition you can get by sipping the juice.

Anthocyanins:  (disease-fighting agent found in plant foods). These promote healthy circulation, ensure proper nerve function and offer anti-cancer properties.

Anti-Oxidants:  A study in 2009 by the "Journal of Nutrition" found that consumption of tart cherry juice provided older adults greater protection against the development of heart disease, cancer and age-related cognitive decline.

Cancer Preventative:  It is loaded with three disease-fighting chemicals that may be beneficial for halting cell transformation. These powerful chemicals include perillyl alcohol, limonene and ellagic acid.

 Quercetin: This helps lower cholesterol and helps break down plaque reducing heart attacks. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent, which is beneficial for relieving asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Pain Relief: It may alleviate the pain because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Helps Combat Insomnia: Cherry juice is a natural source of the sleep-wake cycle hormone melatonin and amino acid tryptophan helping you naturally sleep longer every night.

 I would like to hear your feedback on tart cherry juice. Did it help you? Please let us know in the comments below.

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