Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Week of Juicing Done!

Ok so one week down. The first three days were pretty bad. I was so sick. It was hard to get up to even make the juice. The first two days I did the lemon, kale, celery, ginger, apple, cucumber and kale recipe. I found it really spicy and I don't particularly care for celery so I cut that down a bit..to smaller amounts, and started adding in some blueberries or strawberries once in awhile. I make a juice in the morning (which for me is afternoon when I finally get up, insomnia is one of my symptoms.) So when I get up I make a juice...then I made a crock pot of organic chicken soup with veggies. I don't eat meat often but when I do it is grass fed..organic and all that other good stuff.

Anyways  on the third day I was sooo sick I couldn't get up to even make the juice. I just laid in bed all day and night. Just eating one bowl of soup.

On the fourth day I felt totally sick again when I woke up. At about 5pm I forced myself to get up and make juice. About twenty minutes later, I felt pretty good. I walked my dog, Oliver, went to my moms and to my daughters to visit and felt functional enough to come home and clean my apartment. I haven't felt that good in  months.

On the fifth day I felt great again. Woke up and got up right away and juiced. It seems to do one of two things, I either get this weird sudden fatigue that sets in..for about twenty minutes to an hour then I get a boost of energy or I just go straight for the boost of energy after I drink the juice. I'm no sure what that fatigue thing is all about. It's like I go into this sleepy fog...then it lifts.

But now a week later, I can say I have had some pretty good functional days.

Here's my symptoms list this week:
(starting with most prominent symptoms)

1. Non ambition...the feeling of not wanting to move
2. Insomnia
3. Feeling sick upon wakening
4. When I try to go somewhere... the feeling of dizziness and weakness and head just feeling strange.

Symptoms I had some improvement over this week:

1. Dizziness
2. Head Pressure
3. I could stand longer periods of time (did the dishes and showered a couple times)
4. Heart burn gone.


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  2. Hey Lisa! Grats on your juice cleanse and hope it is coming along well! You liked a lens I wrote on alkaline juice a month back or so. (which I need to add more to actually). I have since checked out a few of your blogs and have added you on twitter. This blog is pretty cool and is similar in nature to a lot of the health info I am always looking into and am interested in.

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    Ok Lisa take care and good luck wit your juice cleanse!