Thursday, March 20, 2014

Corn Healthy or Dangerous?

There is nothing like a corn on the grill on a hot summer day, right? It has always been a favorite of most Americans. So when I started hearing about corn not being good for you and about it being genetically engineered, I just felt sad. Why do these companies like Monsato have to mess with mother nature? Why? I was really hoping that I would look further into it, and it would just be fear mongering among the online healthy eating extremists. But sadly not, I posted below what I found. 

Facts About Corn

* In 2012 large quantities of GMO sweet corn appeared on grocery store shelves and roadside produce stands. 

* In 2011, Monsanto announced plans to grow genetically modified sweet corn on 250,000 acres, roughly accounting for 40 percent of the sweet corn market, to be used for frozen and canned corn products, and is also available fresh across the country.

* GMO sweet corn is genetically engineered to be herbicide resistant (Roundup Ready) and to produce its own insecticide (Bt Toxin)

* Biotech is now taking over the sweet corn market.

* Evidence gathered from fields in two Illinois counties suggests that pest problems are mounting as the rootworms grow ever more resistant to efforts to fight them. Read More Here

* You can download this letter and send it to your local farmer.  Download a letter template for farmers

* Download this letter to send to your local retail stores near you. 
 Download the retailer flyer (PDF)

And if that didn't convince you, maybe this will.

A picture released by the Committee for Research and Independent Information on Genetic Engineering (CRIIGEN) shows a combination image featuring rats with tumors after they were fed a diet of genetically modified (GM) maize produced by US chemical giant Monsanto. Picture: CRIIGENSource: Supplied
Read More in This Article

What exactly does GMO mean?

Photo Source: Please Check out this website to find out why GMO is so bad.

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