Saturday, July 21, 2012

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hey everyone, first of all, thank you for stopping by my blog. The reason I am starting it is a personal one, but I hope that the things I put in here will help others too.

I have a disease called Lyme Disease. As anyone who knows about it, knows that it is one fierce infection to try to fight. I won't go into a Lyme Disease lesson here, but if you are interested in learning more about it you can go to my other two blogs to learn more.

What Is Lyme? (Basic Facts of tick borne infections)

The Perfect Storm (My Personal Opinions on Living With Lyme Disease)

Lyme is an autoimmune disease and I believe that boosting our immune systems is key in fighting this disease. So I will be taking a look at foods that are immune boosting, anti bacterial, and basically anything else that will benefit someone who is ill.

My Dad has had cancer twice and several others in my family have had it as well. So I will be looking into cancer fighting foods as well.

I believe that a lot of diseases that we suffer from nowadays, such as Lyme, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and many more are the result from how we live and our environments. Much of it we have no control over, such as the spraying of chem trails or the factories putting out pollution into the air, but some things we do. So I am going to try to concentrate on the things I can control.

My goal is to be functional again. I would like to know that the food I'm putting into my body is fueling it and not adding fuel to the fire. Boy, is this going to be hard. I have no doubt. I much prefer a Ho Ho to a carrot. So I intend to journal my journey here, the struggles and the benefits.

Where I am at right now.

Not a flattering picture I know. This is life though right now. I have to be sitting or laying down at all times. If not, I feel dizzy or like I'm going to faint at any given moment. This is due to extremely low blood pressure. I can only stand for minutes at a time. I don't hardly shower, I never change. I am agoraphobic and rarely leave my apartment. I can't take the stimulation of people coming over to visit either. It messes me up and irritates all my neurological symptoms. Note: McDonalds wrappers under the chair on the floor. This is going to change.


  1. Love your honesty. You can and will be, at the very least, functional. I'm here anytime you need me. xoxo

  2. Hi Lisa so much great information! I found your blog through a search I did looking for foods to boost immunity. I included the post and link in a recent post for my blog linking back to yours. :)